29 May

This weekend marked the beginning of strawberry picking season.  And so to the farm we went!

After we left the fields with the fruits of our labor (literally) we headed to the other activities the farm had to offer.

One of which were these big barrel slides:


On our umpteenth turn Cammie and I got up to the top and there was no one around. We popped into two of the barrels, me facing forward in mine and her facing backwards in hers.  We were going to have a race to the bottom.  But instead of shouting “On your mark, get set, go!” or “1…2…3…” and pushing off Cammie decided we would leave after the count of 20.  Well  by that time, a couple of boys had made their way to the top.  And Cammie was still counting. 

Not realizing at the count of 15 that Cammie was almost ready to go one little boy assumed that the reason she was counting so high and not going down the slide was because she was scared.

So that sweet little kid knelt down in front of her so they were eye-to-eye and yelled out “Be brave!  Show courage!  Never give up!”  And as soon as the sentence was out of his mouth Cammie was off and down the slide.

As soon as we got to the bottom and met up with the rest of our family I immediately told Anthony about the little boy at the top because I thought what he did was just so stinkin’ cute.   But as I was thinking about it I realized it was so much more than that.  What would be world be like if everyone was willing to be a cheerleader for a stranger?  How much good would be done if we all were lucky enough to have someone encouraging us during difficult times?  Or if we were willing to vocalize encouragement and inspiration to those we saw in the world who looked like they could use a little pick-me-up?  I’d bet amazing things would happen.

And so from now on I’m going to sport my invisible cheerleading outfit (because let’s be real, no one wants to see me in a real one) and I’m joining that little boy’s squad.  It’s going to be awesome.  READY?  OK!

It’s our Anniversary today (9 years!)

29 May

And this morning Anthony emailed me one line:

“One day I’m going to buy you a penguin and an otter and a prairie dog.”

He really gets me, that husband of mine. This has to be one of the most romantic things he’s ever said. Swoon.

29 May

Me: Bye, sweetie!  Have a great day!  I love you!

Maddie: I love boobs!

“Mom, I wish you could turn me into mayo so I could eat myself.”

28 May

-Cammie, making me a little sick to my stomach