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Happy, Happy (1/2) Birthday!

18 Oct


Today is my husband’s 1/2 birthday.  (We celebrate them in our family.)

The other night our marriage was a rockstar.  A “to do” list longer than Santa’s Nice list was getting me down, we got a late start to our evening and both of us were feeling generally overwhelmed.

But we tackled everything as a team.

“Ugh, I don’t want to do this!”

was met with

“You’ll feel so good after it’s finished”

“Here, I’ll help.”


“What can I do?”

This is how my life is with him.  He is my teammate.  He is my personal partner.  He is my life partner.  He is my partner in our marriage.  And is my parenting partner.  With everything I do I know with certainty that we are working towards the same goals- moving in the same direction.

Happy Half Birthday to the guy who is my everything.

Is It Bad That We Think What He Did Was Funny?

10 Oct

(Setting: As I walk in the back door after getting home from work and see Tony…)

Me: Hey Buddy! How was your day?

Tony: [looks at me with sad puppy dog face]

Me: What’s the matter?

Anthony: He got in trouble at school today. And we already talked about it and it was a misunderstanding but he’s still upset because he got in trouble.

Me: What happened?

Anthony: Well, Tonywas in the cafeteria at lunch today and he was sitting with Jack. And Jack was upset because his cat died yesterday night. Jack told everyone that the cat got hit by a car because someone left their back door open. And as soon as he said that Tony busted out singing…

Anthony: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Me: [Start dying laughing]

Husband: That was my same reaction.

Tony: But Jack didn’t think it was very funny.


“Growing up is hard. Being an adult is even harder.”

7 Oct

– My Dad, speaking the truth

Things I’ve Learned From My Momma

1 Oct

Take pride in your appearance.

Be mindful of others.

Nothing replaces a handwritten thank you note.

Get your beauty rest.

Tip well.

Clean up after yourself.

Liars will always get caught. Maybe not immediately, but the truth will always come out. So be honest.

Work hard.

Be friendly.

Get excited over the little things in life, not only the big ones.

Use your manners.

Bring a jacket or a sweater- it might get cold.