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What T3’s Micr…

30 Jul

What T3’s Micro Featherweight super duper (and expensive) hairdryer can do for you is dry your hair in half of time it would normally take you while causing much less damage to your hairs’ ends.

What the T3 can’t do is dry your mattress in less than 1/2 an hour in the middle of the night after you finish working late only to enter your bedroom and discover that your daughter has wet your bed.  Awesome.

Currently adding: “Buy dirt cheap, hair damaging hairdryer” to my week’s to-do list. 

Image 30 Jul


Apparently we need to discuss how to sit like a lady. Or at the very least, how to sit in a dress so everyone around you doesn’t have a big, fat view of your underwear.

The Virus in the House Goes ‘Round and ‘Round

30 Jul

When you have three kids and one gets a virus it’s pretty inevitable that at least one more little person will come down with it as well.

Which is exactly what is happening here at our home as we speak.  Unfortunately, illness around here operates like a relay instead of a team event.  Meaning, the fevers and generally yuckiness seems never ending and prayers that the adults don’t catch everything are always going up.

As my husband and I like to say to each other every time someone sneezes, “Stay well!  We can’t be a man down!”

A Conversation with the 4 (going on 16) year old

30 Jul

Me: How was school today?

Cammie: All the girls in my class want to marry Justin Bieber too.  Well, Madison said she did.  And Mirabelle and Aditi.  That means that four girls in my class want to marry Justin Bieber.

Me: Oh, that’s nice.

Cammie: No it’s not.  There are four girls who want to marry Justin Bieber and one Justin Bieber.

Me: You all can share him.  I’m sure there’s enough of him to go around.

Cammie: Tough for them.  I’m not sharing.