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Today as we wer…

30 Sep

Today as we were getting ready to leave for a local fall fair Madeline said she wanted to take her backpack.  So I told her to go pack what she needed and we would get going.

When I was about to walk out the door I grabbed the backpack to put in a few diapers and some wipes.  I unzipped it and this is what I found:



I honestly thought for a second my heart was going to burst out of my chest.  So much love for that little girl.


The other night…

27 Sep


The other night over dinner Tony asked us what the word “gay” meant.

I asked him how he had heard it used.  And he responded “Cameron told me that playing soccer instead of football was ‘gay’.  Because he plays football.  And so he said that I’m gay for playing soccer.”

So I told him that “gay” was when someone is attracted to and falls in love with people of their same gender.

And that love is love no matter what form it takes.

But that sometimes when people see something they think is “different” they take that to mean “bad.”

So people who aren’t accepting have turned the word “gay” into a synonym for “stupid” or “lame.”

And then we talked about how good people wouldn’t say that to someone.  And we rehearsed that the next time Cameron or anyone else said something mean to him he should just say “It doesn’t matter to me what you think.  I know that I’m a good person.” 

And then I threw in a “So you can bite me.”  Which basically went against everything else I had just tried to teach him.  So I had to take that statement back and tell him he couldn’t/shouldn’t say that to someone.  That moment wasn’t my finest as a parent but I was mad. 

I was mad that some a-hole kid was telling my kid he was lame/gay/stupid, etc.  Mad that my kid might grow up in a world that isn’t tolerant and accepting of others.  And more than anything just mad that people can’t be nice to one another. 

I wasn’t expecting to be dealing with kids being mean to each other so soon.  I figured I had years before I would be forced to deal with situations like this. 

I feel like I ask myself over and over every day “why can’t people JUST BE NICE?”  What a better world we would live in if everybody went about their day trying to be the nicest person they could be.

I know this isn’t the current way of the world.  Oh, but wouldn’t that be so wonderful???  Wouldn’t it be so amazing if everyone came from a place of kindness, a place of compassion, a place of benefit-of-the-doubt, a place of gratitude, a place of love?

I can’t will the world to work how I want it to.  But I can teach my children that the most important thing they can be in life is a good person.

And all those meanies out there can bite us.

She Knows How to Stand Up For Her Man

27 Sep

Tonight while Tony and Cammie were getting ready for bed Tony asked me if he was the most handsome guy in the world.

To which I certainly answered “Yes!”  A thousand times, “yes!”

And all would have been well except Cammie heard us.  And the last “yes!” was barely out of my mouth before she exclaimed, “That’s so mean!  Justin Bieber is the most handsome guy in the world!” 

I explained to her that Justin Bieber was handsome, but Tony was the most handsome.  And Justin Bieber could have the #2 spot.  But she wasn’t having it.  She was offended. 

We had insulted her man.  Next thing I knew she was crying on the floor.  Wailing about how Justin Bieber is the most handsome ever and Tony can’t be the most handsome.  I have the video evidence to prove the meltdown happened. 

It took many, many minutes of soothing voices and calm explanations about how people can have different opinions and she can think Justin Bieber is the most handsome guy in the world but Tony’s my son and so to me he will always be the most handsome before her sobs subsided.

And after we thought all was calm we were downstairs for less than 10 minutes before we heard more crying and shouts of

“You’re not the most handsome guy in the world!” 

“Yes, Mom said I am”  

“No, Justin Bieber is!  You’re last!”

Before Dad got sent up stairs to smooth things over once again.

I’m proud that my little 4 year old knows loyalty goes hand-in-hand with love.

A Conversation At the Dinner Table

24 Sep

Tony: I never thought I’d say this b-

Dad: This should be good.

Tony: What I was saying was you’re the best dad I’ve ever had.

Dad: Wow, buddy. Thanks! I was a little worried there.  The competition was pretty stiff.