Our Family

Dad a/k/a Anthony a/k/a An a/k/a Uncle Awesome (to Emily at least): 30s, Italian, business-minded, quick-witted, man of our house.

Mom a/k/a Sarah: 30s, not Italian, working mom to these three joys, barely keeping her head above water.

Tony: Kid #1.  He’s 6 and 1/2 (because that 1/2 is important) and awesome.

Cammie: Kid #2.  Age 4.  She’s cute and sweet.  A drama queen.  Can cry on her own command.

Maddie a/k/a Maddie Boo or “the Boo”: Kid #3. She’s 2.  Doll-faced but mischevious.  Always getting into trouble.  It’s a good thing she’s so damn adorable.

Tyson Our Jack Russell Terrier Terror.

Abby: Tyson’s side-kick.

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